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Dat Pooch is a full service dog grooming salon on wheels. We take your dog from scruffy  to FLUFFY right outside your front door...and in just a fraction of the time of a normal trip to the groomer.

That's right, no more time consuming trips across town to get your 4-legged fur baby groomed. With our all-inclusive mobile grooming, we offer curbside service at your convenience. We are a completely self-contained mobile grooming unit with an onboard generator and hot water tank so no hook-ups are necessary.

You can have the assurance of knowing that your fur baby is getting one-on-one attention with no distractions from other dogs or clients. Your dog will receive a personalized pampering and grooming session in a quiet and comfortable stress-free setting. We use state of the art hand blow dryers so your dog is never cage dried and will be under the constant supervision of the groomer at all times. When finished, your baby will be hand delivered right back to your front door.

Average grooming times range between 1 - 2 hrs depending on the type of breed, coat condition, and service desired.

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