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We groom all varieties of dogs! 

There are many variables in pricing a pet grooming.  During the initial visit a consultation is conducted and the price will be determined for each pet, largely based on the time required to complete the chosen service.  Recommendations will be made on the frequency of grooming and care between grooming.

Factors which determine the price of a service include the amount of scissor work, brushing, difficulty of cut, temperament of the pet, drying time, length of hair, and the size of your pet.

De-Shedding or Undercoat Removal is also available. This process removes loose shedding hair from dogs, reduces the amount of hair in your home, and helps prevent hot spots!!!!  Ask about the shed-free program, a very successful three-pronged approach to virtually eliminate the unwanted shedding between grooming. 

~ First an inside out approach, a supplement will be provided that improves the overall condition of the skin and coat. 

~ Second a thorough de-shedding is performed during the grooming process.   

~ Lastly a scheduled cycle, that follows the "just in time" principle is set to repeat just when your pet’s natural shedding cycle starts.

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