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Shed-Free Program

What’s the number one complaint of any pet owner?

Shedding - Animal fur can be a serious problem, and it’s a natural challenge for all shedding breeds.

Dat Pooch's shed-free program solves excessive shedding while providing a nearly “hair-free” home. Dat Pooch has instituted it's shed-free program, developed by * Dina Perry. The Shed-free program is a maintenance program that helps eliminate pet hair in your home. Our groomers follow a treatment plan using specialized tools. The treatment includes a thorough brushing with the correct brushes and combs for each pet’s particular coat. Also, a hydro-bath with top of the line moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to nourish the skin and coat is included. A high velocity dryer helps eliminate the loose coat and removes undercoat. No dangerous cage dryers are ever used. Finishing touches include nail trimming, ear cleaning, berry facial, paw treatment, cologne, and bandana or bows and always a scratch behind the ears.

Why not just shave my dog?

Shedding is an external and internal problem. It’s a natural way of keeping your dogs warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Shaving your dog does not make it cooler for your four-legged friend. In reality shaving ruins the guard coat and increases undercoat. This has the opposite effect, it makes your dog more uncomfortable in hot weather.

  • Our dogs don’t sweat like we do.  Instead, their cooling process is handled by panting and even some sweating on the paws, having a thick coat will not slow down a dog’s cooling process.

  • Some types of fur and hair can be beneficial in hot weather, working to insulate dogs from the heat.

  • Dogs with double-coated fur receive protection against biting flies and mosquitoes.

  • Dogs with little or no pigmentation in their skin, like the Husky, can get sunburned very easily when shaved.

  • Most long haired dogs look ridiculous when shaved.

Shedding is natural and every dog is different according to age, coat type, diet, and care. If done correctly your pet will be shed-free for three to four weeks. Our program, along with the dietary product Theracoat®, requires your pet be groomed every three to four weeks for the program and product to work. Give up to three months (four grooms) and you’ll never be tempted to “shave me bald again.”


This is a complete shave-down of a mixed breed. The owner requested this hair cut because of shedding problems.

We don't perform this procedure for the following reasons:

  • The dog's coat may grow back sparsely and in patches
  • It will not prevent a dog from shedding
  • It will NOT make him cooler
  • It can cause skin irritations and abrasions caused from scratching
  • It can cause sunburn because his/her natural protection has been removed

If your pet suffers from the following conditions, Theracoat® can help: loss of skin elasticity, dryness, scaliness and poor hair re-growth, thinning and discoloration, skin allergies, poor wound healing.

Learn more at: www.davistheracoat.com.

What's included?

• Program requires three to four week re-book

• Full grooming - nails, anal glands, ears cleaned, facial, paw treatment, cologne

Compliance to the program of high quality pet food, supplement, and regular grooming promotes optimal coat coditions and leads to lower cost per grooming.


* Biography – Dina Perry

Dina Perry is definitely a pet grooming industry “Diva,” starting in Minneapolis in 1969 where she had four salons and six mobile units. She moved to Michigan in 1980, and soon had several businesses there including: 22 mobile salons; several stationary salons, the Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology, Wag’n Tails Pet Motel and Top-Knot High Velocity Dryer Company. Dina realized the need for a company that specialized in building mobile units and opened Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions.

Dina is an internationally recognized Groom Team USA competitor, sanctioned contest judge, consultant and lecturer. She is the only person ever awarded “Groomer of the Century” by the Cardinal Crystal Awards.


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